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About Us

EcoDysgu was established in 2002 as a not for profit community education centre, delivering the model of education we call ‘Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn’.  The model was consciously designed to address the failure in our mainstream education system to deal with our human-ness. Whilst academia has its place and value, so many life long skills are not being taught, too many young people are leaving school without the tools or understanding of how to cope with the challenges they face.

Many are left feeling useless, hopeless, uninspired and undervalued. At EcoDysgu, we aim to bring about the change we believe is needed, change that sustains!   We work with children, young people and adults, learning new skills, building confidence, addressing issues, supporting ourselves, each other and the environment.

We are positive in our approach and pioneer a way of life that is all encompassing.