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Future Plans

Our main aim for the future is to increase the number of children & young people who access the ‘Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn’ model of education at EcoDysgu.  We believe our delivery should be funded in the same way as schools are and that every child should be able to access the EcoDysgu experience alongside their formal education. We believe that what we deliver here is an intrinsic part of the educational needs of every child and is missing from our current education system.

It is our plan to aim for self sustainability, by renovating all existing buildings to provide income streams for EcoDysgu we believe this is achievable.  Having renovated the old dairy into the cafe, meeting room & 12 bed bunkhouse we are moving on to the dilapidated farmhouse and old Pit Pony Hospital to convert into Bed & Breakfast & Self Catering Accommodation.

We are also planning to convert an old MOD building into studios for artists.

Also renovating a barn to house our forge and wood working workshops

We will be continuing the development of our woodland trails

During 2011/12 we would like to increase the delivery of training courses such as straw bale & cob building.

We are currently constructing an open fronted Oak classroom for sheltered working and constructing a studio for art and healing workshops

Any help that anyone can offer to achieve these goals would be greatly appreciated.