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The Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn Model of Education

Although EcoDysgu is still in its infancy, we have experienced many amazing outcomes that have been called ‘profound’. Teachers, head teachers, police officers, youth workers, parents and the participants themselves have shared with us that people’s experience here has been life changing.

Some comments:

“Before I did this project I was nobody, nobody asked me to do anything. Now I am somebody and I can do things.”

“When I’ve finished school can I come here to teach other kids what I have learned.”

“Before I came to EcoDysgu I just smoked dope all day, now I’ve got a job, passed my test, bought a car and have a girlfriend”.

“I feel really weird after that healing session.” “What do you mean weird?” ” Calm. I feel really calm.” “Have you ever felt like this before?” “No, never ever.”

“I can’t believe I’ve just spent 2 hours solid on this pole lathe and I’ve made a candlestick. Why can’t school be like this.”

The ‘Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn’ model of education consists of 3 elements:

Creativity in a Natural Environment supported by Healing Practices.

A typical day would include being tutored in a new skill such as willow weaving, wood carving, stone walling, pole lathe bodging, jewellery making, felt making, spinning, peg loom weaving and many other workshops.  In addition every participant is offered a session of a complementary therapy such as Indian Head Massage, Reiki or Hands On Healing and Reflexology. The therapy sessions are not carried out in a private room but are delivered wherever the group is on site, be this in the garden or woodland, fields or workshops. Our delivery brings about much dialogue and discussions that range from well-being, exams, domestic abuse, fear, shyness, financial difficulties, jobs, friendships, environmental issues, relationships, and much more. We create a safe space to Learn about Healing and Heal about Learning.

We were the 2008 All Wales Winners of Prince Charles’s Award from his Foundation of Integrated Health.