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Almost 6,000 people have been responsible for making EcoDysgu what it is today. They are made up of workshop participants, volunteers, tutors, healing practitioners, local businesses, supporters, funders and key workers. A great big thank you to each and every one of you, it’s been a great experience that could not have happened without us all helping each other.

The people currently responsible for the daily running of EcoDysgu are:


Julie Lyddon:

Founder & Company Director – Julie designed the Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn model of education, she is a practitioner of Hands On Healing & the Metamorphic Technique, she tutors many skills & crafts at workshops and manages the development of EcoDysgu.


Tim Smith:

Company Director – Tim is a practitioner of Homeopathy & Indian Head Massage, he tutors many skills at workshops and manages people on work experience and courses.


Joanne Grant:

Company Director – Jo supports volunteer days and is a member of the Committee Board with Julie & Tim.






Chris Huxton:

Land Manager – Chris manages the delivery of FJF/CTF programmes whilst managing the grounds and woodland. He also does all the odd jobs and make us laugh!



Jo Casey: 

Finance Manager – Jo manages the accounts and bookwork and works part time in our office.



Pete Thorpe:

Resident Caretaker – Pete is the guardian of EcoDysgu at night and on weekends, he is a creative artist.




Dai Richards: 

Dai has set up a chicken run at EcoDysgu. In 2011 he was recognized with a ‘Future Leaders Award’ by Live UnLtd to help him develop his career at EcoDysgu.



Head shot of Alexis Kirsten

Alexis Kirsten:

Project Volunteer Officer – We told you how important our volunteers are to us, well Alexis helps attract those volunteers and manages the amazing work they do while they are here.



Steering Group:

In addition to the Committee Board and Key Workers taking responsibility for the decision making and daily running of EcoDysgu there is also a Steering Group of advisers who support EcoDysgu, they are:

Janet Lane – Gofal Cymru; Simon Lean – Sainsburys; Branwen Ellis – Wales Co-Operative Centre; Sara – Cynnal Cymru/Environment Wales; Rachel Morton – V2C and Terry Barrett.