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Although EcoDysgu is in its infancy, we have experienced some amazing outcomes from the sessions already organised. Teachers, head teachers, police officers and youthworkers have shared with us that young peoples experience here has been life changing. Parents and the participants themselves have shared with us their realisations and experiences that have changed their attitudes, decisions and direction in life. 

Some comments:

” Before I did this project I was nobody, nobody asked me to do anything. Now I am somebody and I can do things.”

“When I’ve finished school can I come here to teach other kids what I have learned.”

“I feel really weird after that healing session.” “What do you mean weird?” ” Calm. I feel really calm.” “Have you ever felt like this before?” “No, never ever.”

“I can’t believe I’ve just spent 2 hours solid on this pole lathe and I’ve made a candlestick. Why can’t school be like this.”