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Creative Workshops

Download a Workshops leaflet in PDF format.

At EcoDysgu we believe in a holistic approach to education and learning. We offer a direct experience, which is absorbed on many levels. By drawing on the seeds of creativity, which lie dormant within us and seeing them become a part of the permanent site, we discover our unlimited potential.

This creativity echoes a natural process, which opens the participant to the environment and themselves. With a spirit of interdependency and an emphasis on ecological, cultural and emotional issues we become aware of our true selves and all that surrounds us. Our process achieves a sustainability of well being and helps effect lasting change.

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EcoDysgu provides workshops and courses for young children, teenagers and adults from all walks of life and abilities. These are carried out in the natural environment following a model of education called Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn which works through 3 interdependent aspects:

1) Creative processes
2) Natural Environment
3) Complementary therapies

When all 3 are combined, the results are wonderful and people leave us feeling calm, confident, happy and with a few new skills they didn’t have at the start of the day.

We can cater for any age and any ability. For a days creative workshop such as willow weaving, bench making, arts & crafts etc, including a session of complementary therapies such as Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Hands on Healing or Reflexology, our fee is £400 for a group of up to 10 participants (£40 per head). This also includes all materials.