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Woodland Trails

At EcoDysgu-EcoLearn in Tondu, we have an amazing 16 acres of ancient broadleaf woodland. We manage the woodland to improve natural regeneration. We have carried out one felling programme when we extracted Oak & Sycamore by horse. We then milled and seasoned the timber to use in our building renovations and to make green oak field gates and doors.

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We are also developing woodland trails for community access. The work began in 2008 with us laying woodchip paths and installing benches and sculptures, however the trails will be a work in progress for many years and we welcome any artists who would like to contribute to the beauty of our woodland. Get your wellies on and come and enjoy yourselves, bring the children for a journey of discovery and have a tasty lunch in our cafe or come and volunteer and help to continue with the work on the trails.

We are currently creating 4 themed trails:

  • The Fairy Realm
  • The Higher Realm
  • The Middle Way
  • The Dragons Realm